Forgiveness is a Gift That You Give Yourself

Forgiving does not mean to “forgive and forget.” It does not mean someone else was right in the way they acted towards us. It does not mean loving others; that may or may not happen. It just means finally letting go of an old painful “story”. It means taking back the energy that we have bound up with feelings we have about certain people. Forgiveness is not for the sake of the other person. Forgiving is “for – giving” yourself love and freedom.

Why should I forgive?

Forgiveness is the gift that you give yourself. As long as we hold grudges, resentments, shame or guilt, the energy of those feelings is poisoning us. These emotions draw our energy, cloud our minds, and give us physical pains. They are toxins. Forgiving yourself and others allows you to heal yourself. Forgiveness releases energy patterns from us that can otherwise cause illness or drain our energy.

How do I forgive?

Hypnosis, Psych-K®, and Holoenergetics®,  can help you to joyfully release the past and to forgive yourself and others. These techniques put you in a state in which you can focus on the now and expect the best for the present and for the future.

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