Blessings or Curses?

Andrew Kaufmann has created five fascinating characters in his novel “Born Weird”. At birth, the five siblings from the Wyird family were all given a “blessing” by their grandmother, which in the end turns out to be a curse. “Bursings” as one character remarks at one point.

Richard, the oldest, has the gift of “self-preservation” to always keep himself safe. When we always play it safe, we cannot be vulnerable to open up to a fulfilling relationship.

Lucy, the second, has an unfailing sense of direction; she can never get lost. In return, she tries desperately to lose, whether that is jobs, or relationships, without ever being able to feel “lost”.

Angie, the third, always forgives. She has everybody walk all over her and take advantage of her.

Abba, the youngest girl, always hopes. Instead of being free to see the truth she is trapped in hope. Even what seems like such a great gift to begin with becomes a curse if we cannot learn to accept the things we cannot change.

Kent, the youngest of the siblings, is always strong. He is a fighter. With that fighting spirit the destructive element of anger goes hand in hand.


As quirky and as magical as this delightful novel is, its main charm lies in the element of truth.

We all have character traits, strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, “blessing and curses,” we all are a bit “weird”. To be most successful, happy, and healthy we need to embrace them both to create a healthy balance. A balance between being safe and taking risks, between being “on course” and comfortable with being lost at times, being loving and forgiving yet setting clear boundaries for others, being hopeful but realistic, being strong yet soft.

The trick lies in recognizing them both, embracing your shadow side in the same way as your light and bringing them in harmony. What is it that you need to believe in to be most happy in your life?

Richard needs to believe that it is safe to open up to someone he loves.

Lucy has to experience that sometimes being lost is the only way to really find your true self. Being in love also means to relinquish control, to be lost in love at times.

Angie needs to calmly and lovingly set healthy boundaries for herself so other people respect her.

Abba could learn to be happy with what is instead of hoping for what is not.

Kent could embrace his pain and fear and shift from anger to love. Once he realizes being weak is not a weakness he can let go of his protective wall of anger.


Psych-K and hypnosis could help the Weird siblings. In what way are you a bit “weird”?  In how far are your blessings holding you back in life?

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