Healing Mother-Daughter Relationships

Lately, I have had an unusually high number of mothers and daughters come to me because they are struggling with their relationship.

Why is that?
Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have two daughters myself and I have great empathy for both positions. Maybe the beginning of the new year makes us re-assess our relationships. Maybe it has to do with the changing energies and the start of a new Baktun which brings with it a shift to more cooperation, sharing, love and nurturing.

Maybe it is due to the mother-daughter relationship being a very special one, one of the most important relationships we can have. If there are conflicts and disharmony, it can cause us great distress. If we are close and communicate well with each other, we experience great support and love beyond any other relationship we have.

There is nothing more touching than seeing a mother and a daughter hugging and crying at the end of a session because we have broken through their barriers of pain and fear. They realize they both wanted nothing more than love and respect from each other, and in the session they have taken steps—often made huge leaps—towards a loving and healthy mother-daughter relationship.

Sometimes only one of them comes, the mother or the daughter, because the other party is afraid or not willing to work on the relationship. However, just helping that one woman shift how she feels about the relationship itself and how she responds to the other woman has the power to completely change the relationship for the better.

How can the mother-daughter relationship be healed?
Processes from co-active coaching, Psych-K relationship balances, regression therapy, forgiveness work and many other techniques help to shift the energy and emotions between these two people and open up the doors for a much-improved relationship.

Whether you want to come together, or one of you alone, take the first step; be the change you want to see in the relationship!
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